Our work speaks for itself

No PR agency in the world would dare promise concrete leads or increased business. That’s why we won’t mention…

  • The media placement that landed a client a speaking engagement at a key worldwide industry conference
  • The media roundtable, which included our client’s comments and photo, that produced an Agency of Record assignment for a leading device manufacturer
  • The marketing director who forwarded to departments throughout the company an article that prominently featured our client’s comments and photo
  • The cold call from a Boston biotech firm to one of our clients who had weighed in on a key industry issue
  • Or the book our client was asked to author, based on his comments and byliners we placed in leading industry outlets

Featured client work
  • HCB Health, an Austin-based agency that specializes in device marketing, wanted more growth—and more exposure—among device manufacturers. We arranged for HCB partner Nancy Beesley to be interviewed as part of a roundtable article in a leading trade publication in which she discussed device marketing with other agency executives. After reading Nancy’s comments, a leading device manufacturer asked the agency to make a presentation. Based on the presentation, the manufacturer gave HCB a project to complete and, impressed with the agency’s work, awarded HCB an Agency of Record assignment for a stent.

    Campaign examples
  • AbelsonTaylor’s CEO, Dale Taylor, and Jay Carter, SVP, Director of Strategic Services, appear regularly in the regional business and trade press, using the placements as media platforms to deliver incisive—and sometimes controversial—comments on industry trends.

    Following a recent trade forum, arranged by the Julie Laitin team, agency heads received a cold call from a biotech firm to discuss the agency’s availability and interest in future work.

    Campaign examples
  • closerlook’s CEO, David Ormesher, appeared in a leading trade publication discussing an issue that had been the center of discussions with one of the agency’s key pharmaceutical clients. The client’s VP of Marketing was so impressed that he forwarded the article—with a note underscoring closerlook’s approach to the issue—to a number of his colleagues throughout the organization.

    Campaign examples
  • Siren Interactive, an agency that focuses on rare disorders, has a powerful and heart-warming story relating to its formation and current work. Our agency arranged for CEO Wendy White and Director of Search and Innovation Eileen O’Brien to appear in a series of articles in an international healthcare blog.

    Based on those blogs, The Economist invited Wendy to speak at the publication’s International Conference in London, where she rubbed elbows with many senior-level pharmaceutical executives.

    Campaign examples